About Beatrice

Musician & Teacher

To Beatrice Webb, a life without music would not be much of a life at all! For those that have studied under her, played music next to her, or even those that have been fortunate to just meet her come to understand that music to Beatrice is more than just sound, it is art itself.

Graduating from Greensboro College with a Bachelor of Music, Beatrice has been blessed to utilize her talent for music in both recitals and instruction. Her love for music has enabled her to play violin and cello in such esteemed ensembles as: the Greensboro Symphony, the Delaware Symphony, the National Symphony of Costa Rica, the Dover Symphony and Serenata Springs.

Through the use of the violin, viola and cello, Beatrice uses her talents and passion for music to help others learn the art of music through the use of these instruments. Using both traditional methods and the Suzuki Method, she has taught at institutions such as: the Delaware Music School, the Center for the Creative Arts in Yorklyn, Delaware and the Music and Arts Center in Wilmington, Delaware.

Her desire to assist others in discovering or sharpening their musical talents has driven her to offering in your home string lessons for instruction by way of the violin, viola and cello in the geographical areas of Wilmington, Delaware, Hockessin, Delaware and Newark, Delaware. In addition to offering in your home lessons she offers lessons at the Music and Arts Center in Wilmington, Delaware.

Beatrice passes her passion for music, along with her gifted talent for crafting harmonious melodies from stringed instruments, onto her students in the comfort of their own homes through pre-scheduled personal instruction tailored to meet the performance level and goals of the individual student.

For those seeking to learn and receive instruction in stringed instruments such as violin, viola or cello in Wilmington, Delaware and the surrounding suburbs, the premium instructor of choice would be Beatrice Webb, stringed instrument instructor extraordinaire.